Jane Clementi – Messages of hope, perseverance, and inclusion from a time of deep tragedy as a result of bullying and prejudice.


We take the inspired word of the Bible.

Mary Baker Eddy


A Senior Researcher at the Mary Baker Eddy Library stated at the Midwest Church Alive 2014 that there is nothing Mrs. Eddy’s writings supporting those anti-gay articles or that homosexuality needs to be healed.  The “inverted and subverted” statement by Mrs. Eddy was debunked by this Senior Researcher of the MBE Library after an angry woman stood up in a workshop and used it to support her anti-gay agenda.  It was debunked because that was not in the context of how Mrs. Eddy used it as it was latter used by psychiatrists to mean homosexuality.  As I turned around I saw the anger on her face and felt the bitterness which made her look aged beyond her years.

Those articles have harmed our youth, destroyed careers and ruined lives. And they are neither inspiring, timeless, universal or “abreast of the times”.

Perhaps  Mrs. Eddy would reply to those who wrote those articles based on  human opinion and the old testament with – Not in my name!

….to injure no man but to bless ALL mankind.

Mary Baker Eddy


One C.S.B. stated the Church told her to write an anti-gay blog which was latter removed as it was agreed that if was harmful to those struggling with their sexuality.

Some have left their associations as the person who was the bully was their own teacher.   Striking out at gay and lesbians is nothing more than hate speech which needs to be challenged.  Enough youth and adults  have suffered  in silence.

Remember, a child is listening.  These comments from faith leaders can lead to the family rejection of the child or suicide even in Christian Science households as evidenced in earlier testimonies on this blog.

Enough is enough!  The time for change is now.  The Church is pushing out the very people who could benefit from this healing Science that is so dear to the hearts of ALL mankind.


The pampered hypocrite may have a flowery pathway here, but he [she] cannot forever break the Golden Rule and escape the penalty due.

Mary Baker Eddy


Perhaps the most significant discussion of same-gender sexuality at Principia in this period came in the aftermath of a Christian Science lecture.   Jill Gooding C.S.B., a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, gave a Church sanctioned lecture at Principia College [1990’s]. In her opening remarks she quoted Mrs. Eddy: ‘In C.S. mere opinion is valueless’ (S&H 341:11) and reportedly told everyone ‘Homosexuality is something that needs to be healed.’  All Bible quotes against homosexuality were brought out.”


Christian Science: Its encounter with gay/lesbian America, page 172



I suspect you (Jill Gooding) have been loving to gay members but still approached them as in NEED of healing for being gay or lesbian which would make them feel less than acceptable as if they are broken and in need of being fixed.  

Name Withheld, CS


Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.


KJV Bible


 Jane Clementi speaks at the GCN Conference 2017 General Session

Published on Jan 12, 2017

A moving and inspirational sharing of Tyler’s Story, the conflicts found by Tyler’s mother in some faith communities as well as the embrace and care found in others. Messages of hope, perseverance, and inclusion from a time of deep tragedy as a result of bullying and prejudice.


Am I anything without my opinions?

From the April 19, 2004 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


I was accountable for a particular element of the curriculum. And this led me to be emphatic about how things should happen. It wasn’t until things really fell apart, and I had a huge mess on my hands, that I recognized that I needed help.

That made me think. Human opinions fail to take into consideration elements that sometimes are hidden. For instance, in dealing with people, you don’t always know through human reason and observation based on the five physical senses alone, what is in the heart of someone else. I can remember when I first came into my position there were those who felt that I couldn’t do the job. And initially I felt the weight of that opinion quite strongly. But, I realized that what they were seeing in me, based on their own assessment and our past encounters, could neither speak for what was really in my heart, nor take into consideration what I had learned in the meantime. And so, what I did in that situation, instead of being frightened by what others may have been feeling, was just to leave it with God—to remember to turn to Him when I had to make decisions, give speeches, or respond to questions. And that was really helpful to me. It showed me that I couldn’t be limited by other people’s views of me or mine of them, as long as I was making God’s view of the situation the most important piece of information that I needed to gain.

If God—the one Mind—is absolutely in control of all of His creation, it follows that nothing else beside Him has any influence or impact on that creation. It’s not what people think of us that matters, it’s what God knows of us.

Jesus’ words from the Lord’s Prayer “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” involve surrender of human opinions, plans, and judgments—of what people think—in favor of what God impels. Certainly, we’re going to have perspectives on political, academic, and professional issues. But there’s a big difference between the perspectives people develop spontaneously, in a dynamic way, and opinions that become rigid—customary ways of approaching things without thinking. I think that’s where the danger lies. We think we know what we think—when sometimes we need to think again. But God is always available to direct us to that which is just exactly right. It may involve what has always been done before. Or, something entirely different.


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