The Prodigal Son meets Joe the plumber as they journey towards home.


The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love. Without this, the letter is but the dead body of Science, — pulseless, cold, inanimate.

SH 113:5


Love is not something put upon a shelf, to be taken down on rare occasions with sugar-tongs and laid on a rose-leaf. I make strong demands on love, call for active witnesses to prove it, and noble sacrifices and grand achievements as its results. Unless these appear, I cast aside the word as a sham and counterfeit, having no ring of the true metal. Love cannot be a mere abstraction, or goodness without activity and power. As a human quality, the glorious significance of affection is more than words: it is the tender, unselfish deed done in secret; the silent, ceaseless prayer; the self-forgetful heart that overflows; the veiled form stealing on an errand of mercy, out of a side door; the little feet tripping along the sidewalk; the gentle hand opening the door that turns toward want and woe, sickness and sorrow, and thus lighting the dark places of earth” .

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Mary Baker Eddy



The Prodigal son meets Joe the plumber as they journey towards home.

By Rob Scott, CS


Updated July 10th, 2017

Note – Part of the story below was from my notes and I can’t find the reference.


A man named Joe was walking down the street and fell into a manhole. There was no obvious way out – no ladder, no rope, no handhold – the only thing he could do was shout for help. As he yelled, “Help! I’m stuck down here!” A doctor walked by and said, “Sorry, I’m too busy, but here’s a prescription,” and a slip of paper floated down to the man – a prescription for anti-anxiety medication.

Joe asked the doctor if he had a pill for hope. “No, we don’t have a pill for hope”.

But the doctor stated he would be back this way once a month to check on him. He predicted that Joe would probably be suffering from depression and high blood pressure by the next visit and would need additional Rx’s.

Next, a priest walked by. “Father, can you help me get out of here?” Joe shouted.

“No, my son,” the priest replied. “I’m on my way to church, but I’ll light a candle for you when I get there.”

Then a church official walked by and could hear Joe yelling for help. The church official noticed the rainbow flag on Joe’s coat and just smiled with  easy arrogance and walked away after he threw down an article on praying away the gay.  “Let my know how that works for you?” replied the church official.

There were several others who just walked on by that day and pretended not to hear Joe as they didn’t want to get their hands dirty. One person had just finished giving a lecture on helping others at the local library. But she walked on by because the man was a Samaritan and she a Jew and they’re were no dealings between them.

So Joe finally just decided to pray and see what happens.

Thus the next person to walk by was The Prodigal Son. “Hey! I’m stuck down here and I need your help” yelled Joe. The next thing he knew, the Prodigal Son had jumped down into the hole with him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Joe asked. “Now we’re BOTH stuck down here!” The Prodigal Son smiled and said, “Yeah, we are. But I’ve been here before and I know the way out. Come on, follow me.”

Joe asked, “Is it true you left to squander your father’s money?”

“No. I left because I was was treated poorly by my family because I too wore a rainbow flag on my coat. And I could not have learned those lessons in my father’s house.”

“Like what,” asked Joe

“Such as honesty levels wealth, family are those who love you,  don’t throw your pearls before swine and that the false landmarks will never fill the hole of feeling unloved.

“Hmmm”, said Joe. “But the story said that your father was happy to see you and even ran after you when you returned home.”

The Prodigal Son replied, “The Father, the story refers to, is not my human father or family but Father-Mother God. You see even though we may be different we are still our Father’s treasure who will always welcome us Home and love us unconditionally. This is the Truth.

“We were never less than or unequal.   We just believed a lie as we were born perfect just as we are.

“I understand now,” said Joe. “But, what do I do with what I have learned here today?”

“Perhaps you could help others because now you understand ?!  You are authentic and not speaking beyond your ability and demonstration.  They will FEEL that.

“The world needs helpers/healers as the harvest is full.”

“Thank you for helping me ‘out’, no pun intended.  If I had been alone any longer I would have considered suicide as it seemed the only way out”, said Joe

“And then what?  Replied the Prodigal Son.

“You will have to keep going and journey on to find your own human family.  Family are the ones who love you and welcome you home.  You will know them from the love.


“But most of all know you are loved unconditionally and at one with your Father-Mother God,  never to be separated for an eternity.

“Remember, if you find human helpers then it must be done with love if not Mrs. Eddy cast the word aside as a sham.

“Don’t give up on hope for humanity.  There are a lot of good people out there supporting us and loving us.  Continue on your journey until you find them and listen to God’s direction and eventually you will be led to a place that is seeking you as much as you are seeking it.

And just perhaps you have everything you need already within you for your journey.”

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, said Joe.

“Thank you for helping me and for the love that came with it.

“And thank you for being my friend.”

“Amen,” replied the so-called Prodigal son.



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