Mother God


Like as a mother, God comforteth His children; 
   Comfort is calm, that bids all tumult cease; 
Comfort is hope and courage for endeavor, 
   Comfort is love, whose home abides in peace.

(Christian Science Hymnal, No. 174, © CSBD) 

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Divine Trust in the Majority Rule with Virginia Harris, C.S.B.


Divine Trust in the Majority Rule

Many regions in the world these days seem to be in uncharted territory: vital government services are partially shut down over congressional budget disagreements in the US, forceful demonstrations clash in the streets of Europe, and the UK Parliament is at an impasse on a plan to separate from the European Union. These national disturbances and discord are stressful for all citizens and threaten a country’s ability to function for its welfare and safety.

This is not the time to point fingers and assign blame. “Blame-shaming” is never a productive strategy: it’s like multiple hammers attempting to break through the other side’s position to claim victory. One could easily make the case it has made opinions and positions even more entrenched.

Hopeless? Time to turn away from the black mass of noisy, unproductive human opinions. Instead, turn to this: Everyone, regardless of position, must be seen in the light of truth that casts no shadows. “God is…the only intelligence of the universe, including man.” (Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy)

Is divine intelligence up to the challenge of so many conflicting minds in a nation’s government? Wendell Phillips, staunch abolitionist who never stopped fighting for racial and gender equality in America’s pre- and post-Civil War era stated, “One on God’s side is a majority.” What hope and trust he gave to the Divine – what power he saw! Especially in a time of incredible conflict.

Truly, divine intelligence is the only power that overcomes all unprincipled opposition.

In a recent article in The Christian Science Monitor about the shutdown of government in America, the writers identified a cause in Congress apparently preventing bipartisan solutions: a trust deficit. “Lack of trust can hinder any negotiation, but it’s especially harmful in politics, where compromise is increasingly portrayed by activists on both sides as capitulation.”

Whenever the trust is in human efforts, no matter how well-meaning, it has a potential for not being fulfilled. However, trusting in the divine Principle to function harmoniously and guide wisely for the benefit of all – regardless of the human condition – will yield progress. It is inevitable. Anything unwise and unjust must yield to the power of Principle. This is the universal law that operates with no opposition. This majority rules. Trust in it.

“Step by step will those who trust Him find that ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’“ – Mary Baker Eddy

There is  no “trust deficit” when our trust is in the Divine – only abundant good!


Standing with Virginia Harris, C.S.B., in Prayer for Children Everywhere


New Year’s Prayer for Children Everywhere

The world’s children have long been included in my daily prayers: the protection of their health and safety, their innocence and joy. The current news reports describing quite a different picture might tempt one to feel helpless and even hopeless, but our children will not be helped if we give in to despair. No, I refuse to accept this verdict on our children – they are inseparable now from the love of God, their divine Parent. Instead, I am impelled to persist in my prayer to the one all-mighty God of Love to comfort and care for each little one. And I pray that divine wisdom demands right action by governments, for humanity’s sake.

Mother’s New Year Gift to the Little ChildrenMary Baker Eddy

Father-Mother God,

Loving me, –

Guard me when I sleep;

Guide my little feet

Up to Thee.

May all the world’s children – and all of us too! – feel the comfort and effect of this prayer, embraced by the arms of divine Love.


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LGBT Youth [above] at NYC’s Ali Forney Center Get Thanksgiving Visit From Madonna

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The teachings of Christian Science plant our hopes for the present and the future on stable ground.


A Christmas Gift from Mary Baker Eddy



Timeless and universal excerpt from the December 29, 2008 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


O blessings infinite! O glad New Year! Sweet sign and substance Of God’s presence here.


The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 354


The Apostle Peter, who faced his share of struggles, must have understood this concern when he wrote, “Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you” (I Pet. 3:15).

There are bedrock spiritual reasons for hope, even in troubled times, and the teachings of Christian Science show the way to plant our hopes for the present and the future on stable ground. I feel that the best hope, the brightest opportunity available to humanity, resides in our understanding of God. Of His nature and constant care. I’m finding, for instance, that getting to know God as the divine Principle, the source of the spiritual laws of life, gives me reasonable grounds to expect only good. These laws—all of which stem from the First Commandment to have one God and love Him unconditionally—govern His creation in a supremely harmonious fashion.

Newness is actually an attribute of God; as such, it is divine inspiration revealing insights perfectly timed and appropriate to meet pressing needs of both individuals and society. Part of the appeal of spiritual ideas from God is that they point out higher, practical ways to bring improvement and solutions. Jesus promised, “Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him” (Matt. 6:8).the teachings of Christian Science show the way to plant our hopes for the present and the future on stable ground.

The adoption of a spiritual model of life naturally begins with individual thought and spreads out to the collective thinking, in what is sometimes called a ripple effect. Liberating ideas may have modest beginnings, but allowed to flow out in wider and more expansive ways, they eventually touch a larger and larger body of thought.

What strikes me about that passage is how different it sounds from what are commonly called “New Year’s resolutions.” Each year many resolve to make changes for good in their lives. These resolutions are always well intended, but people so often find it hard to make permanent their desire for improvement. What Mrs. Eddy suggested is an entirely new approach to resolutions—moments of dedicating one’s self to a holy purpose. In other words, being God-centered, rather than self-oriented. I believe that part of the change we’re seeing in the world is a growing awareness of the advantage, and importance, of serving a higher purpose rather than promoting oneself. Bringing greater recognition that such resolutions naturally manifest the spiritual nature of newness, could have a powerful effect for the benefit of all, promoting the kind of change citizens around the world are yearning for.

Answers to problems don’t always come in the form of gandiose plans, or in all-at-once changes. Turning the world’s economy around, or improving a family’s financial footing, could very well start with a “baby idea” and ripple out moment by moment over the course of years. Central to Christian Science is the view of God as the Creator of the universe and as its governing Principle. It’s acknowledged that there is a holy purpose to His creation, and that at this very moment “God is working His purpose out” (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 82). As a result, we can begin to understand that all the good that goes on in our lives and our world is “renewable,” and traces back to a divine plan.

As we focus our attention on finding fresh approaches to solving the global financial crisis, armed conflicts, rising unemployment, AIDS, environmental concerns, it’s important to fix our sights on spiritual reality. Stable answers can’t be measured in the stock market or home values, in voting demographics, pollutant levels, barrels of oil, or by any other material factor.

Viewing the state of humanity in this manner reminds me of the time Jesus, the master Christian, rebuked a group of Pharisees and Sadducees who were demanding that he “shew them a sign from heaven.” He pointed out that they were pretty adept at reading “the face of the sky,” but woefully lacking when it came to discerning “the signs of the times” (see Matt. 16:1-3). Jesus went on to warn his followers about the dangers of listening to those who only looked at the outward appearance of things, and not at spiritual things.

While there are some benefits in studying statistical data, people intuitively understand that all the so-called “leading indicators” are seldom an accurate reflection of what they themselves are most concerned about. It’s true that people throughout the world gather around their kitchen tables and wonder how they’ll be able to care for their families, provide for their futures, and keep them safe and healthy—all of which are very legitimate concerns. Still, might these only mirror “the face of the sky”?

Whether it’s articulated this way or not, I think in their heart of hearts, what people most yearn for is a renewed sense of calm and peace of mind. And there’s a secret place within us all—that place of the Christ’s dawning—where we can discover Mind’s reassurance and feel Love’s amazing and fulfilling grace. God’s grace provides us with the intelligence and strength needed to meet life’s immediate and long-term challenges.

According to the Psalmist, God gives His angels charge over your life, “to keep thee in all thy ways” (Ps. 91:11). It’s truly comforting to know that our Father will always send His messages to help us and watch over us. In describing how God’s angels meet our needs, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies.” And she added these reassuring words: “Never ask for to-morrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, p. 307).

God’s plan is completely separate from any worldly approach to finding answers to complex problems. His plan is made up of ideas that are spiritual and reflect divine wisdom and mercy, patience and power. God has created us all to understand these ideas and to know how best to implement them in our own lives—for the betterment of all. Each one of us expresses, in unique ways, the spiritual qualities that inspire new thinking and compel us to change.

God’s grace provides us with the intelligence and strength needed to meet life’s immediate and long-term challenges.


This new year does offer a reason for hope, renewal, opportunity. Everyone has a God-given right to live a life that increasingly expresses the infinite resources of Soul. As we better discern the spiritual “signs of the times,” we’ll see beyond forecasts that may focus on fear, and begin to see more of the modest reappearing of the Christ-idea and its wonderful promise of blessing. css


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