Good Friday – Strength, Courage and Reliance by Laura Moliter, CS


Saturday, 05 September, 2015


by Laura Moliter, CS

Strength and courage are requisite. They are God’s command—His active qualities which He consistently expresses to us and through us. This fearless confidence is not about human bravery though. It is not about stoicism or stubborn, willful pushing forward.

It is about reliance. The reason we do not need to be dismayed, worried, uncertain, confused, or afraid, is because God has commanded this one very basic unchangeable thing: I will be with you everywhere and at all times. We are never for an instant or by an inch separate from God’s presence and power. We are always in the safe certainty of His perfect wisdom and Love.

So realize that it is not your duty to try to convince yourself of strength you don’t feel or fearlessness you can’t quite claim. These great and graceful qualities are not personal traits. They are the infinite attributes of God, forever available, always intact and active. And back of these powerful qualities is always God’s nature and unfailing purpose: Love.

Laura Moliter, CS

"God is Love" by Tony Lobl



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